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Bat boxes secured to tree in British conservation area

Expert Ecological Site Services throughout the UK

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond traditional tree surgery. As qualified tree surgeons, Roots & Roosts Ltd offers a range of specialised ecological site services throughout the UK, aimed at promoting biodiversity and conserving our natural habitats.

Specialist Expertise in Habitat Creation
Collaboration with Licensed Ecologists
Qualified & Insured Tree Surgeons

Building Habitats, Sustaining Nature

With a deep understanding of ecological principles and years of experience, we excel in creating diverse habitats that support a wide range of wildlife species. From bird boxes to bat roosts, Roots & Roosts Ltd is committed to promoting biodiversity and enhancing natural environments with our specialist ecological site services across the UK.

We work closely with licensed ecologists to ensure that our ecological site services adhere to the highest standards of environmental stewardship. By combining our arboricultural expertise with ecological insight, we deliver solutions that benefit both wildlife and habitats.

Tree surgeon performing an inspection of a tree for a bat roost

Conservation in Action: Transforming Landscapes for Wildlife and People

Our team collaborates with licensed bat ecologists to perform aerial inspections on trees, identifying potential roosting sites for bats. With expert care and expertise, we supply and install habitats for wildlife, including bird boxes tailored for larger birds of prey such as owls and kestrels, and artificial roosts designed specifically for bats.

In addition to habitat installation, we specialise in constructing dead hedging to create linear eco-piles, providing critical shelter and foraging opportunities for a diverse range of wildlife species.

Tree surgeon performing ecological site services in a woodland
Tree surgeon climbing a tree in woodland to inspect for bats

Ecological Site Services for a Greener Tomorrow

For our commercial customers, we offer comprehensive mitigation services, including:

Veteranisation: This practice involves intentionally causing damage to young trees to create areas of deadwood within a living tree. These deadwood habitats serve as critical refuges for various wildlife species, contributing to ecosystem health and resilience.

Roost Translocations and Artificial Bat Roost Installs: We facilitate the relocation of bat roosts when necessary, ensuring the preservation of these vital habitats. Additionally, we install artificial bat roosts designed to mimic natural roosting conditions, providing essential shelter for bats in urban and rural environments alike.

Roots & Roosts in Staffordshire

At Roots & Roosts, we understand the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural ecosystems.

Through our ecological site services, we strive to create sustainable habitats that support wildlife diversity and contribute to the overall health of our environment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your ecological conservation needs.

An Example of Hedge Laying as a Woodland Boundary

Experience the difference with Roots & Roosts – where excellence meets nature.

Get in touch with the team at Roots & Roosts to discuss how our ecological site services can benefit your conservation needs, wherever you are in the UK.

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