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Autumnal trees in a public park in the UK

Roots & Roosts:
Trusted Tree Surgeons in Staffordshire

Welcome to Roots And Roosts, your local tree surgery experts based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, with customers throughout Staffordshire.


With a deep-rooted commitment to preserving nature's beauty and safeguarding tree health, our dedicated team offers a suite of professional arboricultural services to meet all your tree care needs.

Qualified Local Tree Surgeons
Comprehensive Range Of Tree Surgery Services 
Years of Expertise

From Roots to Roosts, We've Got Your Trees Covered

At Roots And Roosts Ltd, we take pride in our extensive expertise and passion for maintaining the natural harmony of landscapes. Whether you require tree pruning, shaping, or complete removal, we have you covered. Our services also include stump grinding, hedge trimming, and planting, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain vibrant and healthy.

Our team of experienced tree surgeons, based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, provide a comprehensive range of tree surgery services across Staffordshire to meet all your arboricultural needs.  We're equipped to handle every aspect of tree surgery with precision and professionalism.

Contact us today to learn more about our tree surgery services and book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Tree surgeon performing tree surgery in a garden

Our Tree Surgery Services

A tree surgeon cutting the limb of a tree with a chainsaw

Tree Reduction and Pruning

Our qualified team of tree surgeons carefully trim and reduce trees to enhance their health and appearance while maintaining safety.

Cutting a hedge with a hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimming

We skillfully shape and trim hedges to promote growth and maintain neat, tidy boundaries for your property.

Stump grinding in a garden

Stump Grinding

Utilising advanced equipment, we efficiently remove tree stumps, leaving your landscape clear and level.

Long green hedge in a garden

Tree & Hedge Planting

From saplings to mature plants, we expertly plant trees and hedges to enrich your outdoor space.

Tree surgeon roped into a tree, performing a tree report

Tree Health Reports

Our thorough assessments provide valuable insights into the health of your trees, guiding future care and maintenance.

Tree surgeon cutting tree trunk with chainsaw

Tree Removal

In the aftermath of storms or with hazardous trees, our team safely removes them, mitigating risks and restoring safety to your property.

Bat box installed on tree in woodland

Ecological Site Services

In addition to our core tree surgery services, we offer specialised ecological site services across the UK. Working alongside licensed bat ecologists, we conduct aerial inspections to assess tree habitats and install wildlife habitats, including bird boxes and bat roosts.


Our commitment extends to ecological mitigation services for commercial clients, such as veteranisation and roost translocations, promoting biodiversity and habitat conservation.

"Used many times for both business and personal services. Very professional. Incredibly happy with results. Your one-stop arborist shop."
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Sun shining through green leaves on a tree

Where Roots Flourish and Roosts Thrive

Discover the difference professional tree care can make. Call Roots & Roosts Ltd for a free consultation for your trees today.

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